Infinium BeadArray iScan Service

The Illumina iScan System supports a broad portfolio of innovative genetic analysis assays for genome-wide or targeted genotyping, methylation profiling and cytogenetic analysis.  Our instrumentation system includes the Tecan Freedom EVO liquid handler and iScan array scanner with a high-throughput autoloader for robust, efficient and automated array processing and scanning of arrays.

All service requests are made through the UWBC Requester Portal.  Please see our Submission page for additional information on how to create your service request.


  • All samples are processed as is. The client is responsible for confirming the quality of each sample.
  • Samples must be submitted in a thermostable sealed clear 96-well V-bottom plate. The following are two plate and seal recommendations.

96-well plate options

Eppendorf TwinTec PCR Plate 96 LoBind, semi-skirted, 250uL (catalog# 0030129504)

Phenix Semi Skirted 96well plate (catalog# 101100-924 through VWR)

Foil plate seal options

Dot Scientific (catalog# T505)

Applied Biosystems MicroAmp Clear Adhesive film (catalog# 4306311)

  • Plate(s) must be filled consecutively by column (A1-H1,etc.).  Empty wells will be processed as is. Each plate must have a unique identifier along with the PI name and date on the side. A $50 service charge will be incurred for incomplete plate labeling.  Plates filled by row (A1-A12, etc.) will not be accepted & returned to client at a minimum charge of $150.
  • For the Infinium Genotyping arrays, we require a minimum of 10uL of DNA at 50ng/uL per sample suspended in nuclease-free water or TE. We strongly recommend DNA is quantified by Picogreen. If you are unable to provide normalized DNA, the UWBC DNA Sequencing Core provides a DNA sample normalization service.
  • For the Infinium MethylationEPIC arrays, Illumina recommends the ZymoResearch EZ DNA Methylation-Lightning kit (D5049) for DNA bisulfite conversion.  Kit DNA input recommendation is 200-500ng,w ith 500ng being optimal.  We request up to 20uL DNA at 25ng/uL per sample suspended in nuclease-free water or TE.  We strongly recommend DNA is quantified by Picogreen. If you are unable to provide normalized DNA, the UWBC DNA Sequencing Core provides a DNA sample normalization service.
  • Projects are typically processed within 7-10 business days of receipt.
  • DNA plate(s) may be picked up or shipped (at client’s cost) upon completion of project.


GenomeStudio Data Extraction is included for all Infinium SNP and Methylation assays available.

Simple analysis tools to convert microarray data into meaningful results.

  • Each project includes data extraction from the scanned images using Illumina’s GenomeStudio Genotyping or Methylation software.
  • Default settings are used
  • Data analysis tables are exported as .txt files
  • All data files, raw and processed, along with the Genome Studio .bsv are uploaded to the client’s secure file directory

IMPORTANT: Deliverable data will be deleted from our systems 60 days after it is made available to download.


A visible measure of a core’s impact is made through proper acknowledgement of usage in publications. To acknowledge our core, please consider including the following statement:

The author(s) utilized the University of Wisconsin – Madison Biotechnology Gene Expression Center (Research Resource Identifier – RRID:SCR_017757) for the Infinium Beadarray processing.

Infinium Assay

UW System Rate

External Rate
Infinium WGA Setup (1-192 samples)



Infinium WGA Plate Consumables (48)



Infinium WGA Plate Consumables (96)



Infinium Methylation Assay (BSC)
Infinium Methylation Setup (1-192 samples)



Methylation Plate Consumables (96)



EZ DNA Methylation Lightning 96 rxn kit (D5049)



Infinium BeadArray Hybridization
24-plex Array Hybridization Setup (LT)



24-plex Array Hybridization Setup (HT)



8-plex Array Hybridization Setup (LT)



8-plex Array Hybridization Setup (HT)



LT ≤12 arrays; HT > 12 arrays

Infinium iScan System
iScan Fee (LT)



iScan Fee (HT)



Above pricing does not  include Illumina Infinium products.  Clients may purchase Illumina product and have it sent directly to the GEC or GEC will purchase upon request.

Prices effective 1/3/2024.

All data and services provided by the University of Wisconsin Biotechnology Center Gene Expression Center are intended for research purposes only. Services are not intended nor certified for diagnostic or clinical use.